Date: 17 January 2018;    09:51 UT

Summary of Space Weather
Solar activity is at a very low level with a decreasing solar wind speed. Tiny sunspot that have little or no effect on solar flare is seen. The north-south direction of the IMF Bz has been seen to be mostly northward with positive Dst excursion, thus indicating a quiet geomagnetic condition at all level.

Space Weather parameters / observations;
Sunspot Number: 13
10.7cm Flux: 71 sfu
Solar wind speed: 347.1 km.s-1
Solar wind density: 3.1 proton.cm3
Kp: 0
Bz:  -0.4 nT (North )
Bt: 3.8 nT
Dst: 7 nT

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