Atmospheric Research Software and Instrumentation Development (ARSID) Project

In line with the mandate of Centre, the development of the Atmospheric Research Software and Instrumentation will go a long way to promote indigenous technology via designing and building equipments and software which prior to this time have been imported. Such initiative would elevate our technological advancement in the area of space research and development, making it possible for Nigeria to join the League of Nations with reputable space research projects.


The objective of this project includes but not limited to;

  • Design and implementation of indigenous atmospheric equipments relevant to the mandate of the Centre for real time measurements and recording; provide the opportunity for the production of indigenous, atmospheric research software and instrumentation of international standard suitable for our local research conditions.
  • Provide high technologically based atmospheric research laboratory for atmospheric simulation
  • Encourage indigenous expertise in software development.
  • Developing software(s) necessary to control and interpret all relevant atmospheric data.
  • Encourage an indigenous expertise in instrumentation development and to facilitate the actualization of NASRDA’S mandate through atmospheric research and thus improve the socio-economic status of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Design of low cost automatic weather station with SD card

Temperature Prediction Software for Anyigba Metropolis

Temperature Prediction Software for Anyigba Metropolis