The accounting unit is under the division of administration and finance of the Centre for Atmospheric Research, Anyigba. The accounting unit is the custodian of the financial affairs of the centre. Specifically, the accounting unit is designed using the financial regulations and extent circulars to guide financial expenditure in consonance with prevailing fiscal policies, ensuring that probity and transparency is obtainable in all the financial transaction of the Centre.

The Accounting Unit is made up of the following sections

  • Expenditure Section/other charges
  • Checking Section
  • Personnel emolument
  • CPO (Central pay Office) Fund Section
  • Advance Section
  • Final account.

Book of Account currently maintain in the centre

  • Treasury Cash Book for Overhead
  • Treasury Cash Book for Capital
  • Updating of Vote Book
  • Payment Voucher Register
  • Transcript etc

The Essential Roles and Duties of the Accounting Unit in Centre for Atmospheric Research.

  1. Routine Functions of Accounting Unit
    There are lots of routine functions which accounting unit do. To record the transaction on the basis of invoice, bills and vouchers, keep vouchers in safe place after including them in files, pay the employees,   reconcile the bank statements with his Centre's bank account.
  2. Regular submission of monthly report to the office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) according to IPSAS compliance.
  3. To Prepare Annual Financial Statements
    To prepare annual financial statements is important work of accounting unit because after auditing, it becomes proof in court and large number of decisions are affected from this. So, it is the duty of head of account  of this unit to see* whether it is prepared according to the current provisions of civil servant regulation guideline?

    * Whether all errors are corrected or not?

    * Whether all the adjustments are done or not?

    * Whether every other things relating to accounting standards are OK ?

  4. Monthly updating of cash book, vote book, account register and proper passing of voucher payment.
  5. Financial Controls – Financial controls include reconciliations, dividing the responsibilities and following the GAAP standards of accounting principles, all of which are implemented with view toward compliance, fraud and theft prevention
  6. Establishment of Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS) Office in the accounting unit

There are many more responsibilities the accounting Unit is responsible for and a number of subcategories . For instance, inventory control and fund raising might be other essential areas of focus that accounting unit would be responsible for. The great news is that accounting unit creates a solid base and the most important measurement tool for our great Centre’s entire operation.

April 2024