Information Communication Technology Unit

The goal of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Unit is development and maintenance internal network and the networking equipment, operating systems and servers and in addition to maintaining existing systems we are actively working to introduce new systems for areas such as human resources information system, financial information management, electronic information management, and voice over IP. We also provide a helpdesk function for assistance to all Center for Atmospheric Research (CAR) staff with use of MS Office Professional and other related software as well as the printers and photocopiers.

The main focus of the unit is the provision of information systems which will support decision-making in CAR and delivery of research and knowledge for more efficiency and effectiveness.
The functions of the unit therefore are to:

  • Set frameworks and standards for the development of software applications for CAR.
  • Enforce standards and procedures for the administration and management of software systems throughout the unit.
  • Undertake forward planning and feasibility studies pertaining the development and implementation of software solutions.
  • Focus on the development, implementation and maintenance of software applications that respond to common needs of the different CAR units.
  • Provide end-user training and support of implemented solutions.
  • Undertake the planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation (complete project management) of software development projects being undertaken by third parties (outsourced projects).
  • Provide consultancy services pertaining to the provision of software solutions.Set direction and plans for the ICT infrastructure of the center.
  • Provide infrastructure related support to other unit of the center.
  • Participate in the training of staff in the use of infrastructural systems both hardware and software.
  • Provide technical support to events organized by the center when required.

Suleiman Abdulrahman
Principal Scientific Officer
Head of ICT Unit

May 2024